Know YourSelf and Love The One You’re With

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 35, Microsutra 6/6

You are not alone. What you have to give is needed — whether that’s loving, voting, giving advice, or anything else. What you do counts so don’t detach. Everyone needs you to do it.

You’re the essence of something larger and create authentic value unique to you. And yet…if it comes from a deep authentic place, it comes from shared value and values that are inclusive of all those around you. This is the resonance you feel from ancient wisdom.

When you’re playing the game of life, play it your own way — don’t get caught in someone else’s zero sum game. If you work with people who play destructive games, and reciprocate — you sacrifice integrity. Integrity is who you are. Don’t sacrifice yourSelf to play a destructive game.

What’s more you? Make choices that open the way to create value. Instead of reacting to a divide by leaping, create a bridge so that all may cross. If the divide is one of understanding, write it down, record it, shoot video, then ensure it’s accessible to all those who follow.

As you realize your essential nature, there is no “bigger and better” than what’s authentic. Life is duality and as it happens, it’s all material for learning and inspiration if you open to it. Without down there is no up. The great news is that the creative cycle depends on this input. You can open to the cycle in each moment. With mindfulness, the experience can be like breathing: inhale inspiration and exhale creativity. Give yourSelf the authority to create by loving yourSelf. Purpose gives you something easy to love.

When you love the one you’re with, you love who they are, not who they’re not. To truly love others you must first love yourSelf. The strength of a thing lies in that which it is, not that which it’s not. Release expectations and appreciate yourSelf for who you are right now.

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