No “Bigger and Better” Than Authenticity

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 35, Microsutra 3/6

Do you want to get on a path to meaning and fulfillment? There is no “bigger and better” than what’s authentic. 
Living into purpose, you are here to help. Your goal is to create value — not to be “superior to,” or “better than.” Create value because of its impact — not because it’s “bigger and better.” Don’t create a skyscraper instead of a bridge just because the bridge would live in the skyscraper’s shadow. Choose a path because it’s the right path, not because it’s more glamorous.
‘Glamor’ is similar to ‘fame’ and ‘wealth’. Enjoy these when you have them — but realize these are all consequences of “the work” rather than the purpose of “the work.” None is an end in itself anymore than making money is the purpose of a business. When a business forgets that it was founded to create a specific value for society and focuses on making money rather than improving on that value, it’s lost its way, and will soon lose its customers. Aspire to glamor, fame or wealth and you can lose your way, endlessly chasing fulfillment. Strive to create value and you will become fulfilled as you create. Purpose opens the path to meaning and fulfillment.
Big and small, shadow and light…these are simply different sides of the same coin. For one to exist, the other one must exist as well. When you realize that there are no barriers between you and the rest of the Universe, you can see that, as an essential part of the Universe, you and the Universe unfold together as one. There is no “bigger and better” than this. Living into purpose, you create value for the Universe as well as all that it includes…which is yourSelf. Your purpose doesn’t have to be grand, just appropriate to the task you face. Create authentic value and you create a path to fulfillment.