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Open to Your Authentic Heroic Nature

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Do you have that special something that defines a hero or heroine? Whether you’re a warrior out of legend or someone’s mom or dad, you face the opportunity on a regular basis. Neither fearlessness nor weapons are required. You just need a courageous and generous heart -inspired to take action on behalf of something greater than yourSelf.

Tao of Yummi Sutra 33 1/6

Are heroes fearless? When others might run away, heroes face the problem. Heroes are brave, but bravery isn’t the absence of fear. If you can’t feel fear, what is there to be brave about? Fear is a legitimate emotion and heroes feel fear. There would be something wrong if you could not feel. However, heroes choose to act in spite of fear, rather than allow the emotion to carry them away.

Does heroism require violence? Brave heroes act in the moment, despite fear, to face their challenges. This is a warrior’s ethic, but not all warriors use violence. Dr. Jonas Salk waged war throughout his life against one of the deadliest killers in history — and in 1955 introduced a vaccine that stopped polio. Firemen fight and vanquish fires each day — and never lift a finger against another human being.

You already have the qualities necessary. It takes courage to face the unknown, and yet you sally forth each day. Living into purpose, in ways both great and small, inspires your generous heart. As the Universe unfolds, become mindful in the moment and open to the opportunities you face. You have the heart of a hero; now go do something about it.

Tao of Yummi Sutra 33 2/6

Hero, You’re Here to Help

Are you ready…or are you waiting for an opportunity to run out and scoop someone up just before the proverbial out-of-control semi truck flattens him or her? You’re much more likely to face the opportunity to scoop somebody up and help them cross the street so that drivers with itchy horn-honking fingers don’t cause a heart attack. Is one opportunity more worthwhile than the other? Only to your ego. A hero is ready to act on opportunities both great and small. If you wait for dramatic opportunities to live into purpose, you’ll not only be waiting a long time — you’ll also be passing up consistent opportunities to make life better for others.

The heroic mindset is one of readiness. Olympic heroes are ready to train each day; ready to push until they have nothing left; ready to be part of something larger than themSelves. Are you ready to give it all you’ve got when that starter-gun fires? Maybe you’ll be faced with a dramatic opportunity, but then again, maybe you’ll be faced with a modest opportunity. Both types pay it forward in the interest of making things better rather than making them worse. If you don’t contribute day after day and moment after moment to creating a benign-to-benevolent Universe, who do you suppose will?

It’s tempting to seek the silver bullet to solve all problems, and comforting to believe that things get better all at once. The truth is that small incremental change adds up. Things get better due to the efforts of committed groups of people who stand ready for greatness, but don’t necessarily seek it for themselves. Set an expectation for the big and dramatic, and you won’t notice the small but equally essential. Attach to that expectation, and you’ll be carried right along with it, out of the moment, and away from the mindfulness that opens you to the unexpected. Don’t look for an opportunity elsewhere. It’s right here. Your opportunity for heroism is the opportunity to help. It will take all of us to bring Serendipity to life.

Tao of Yummi Sutra 33 3/6

Hero, You’re Here to Guide

Part of the hero’s duty is to guide, by direction or example. Would you help a lost child find their parents? What about a lost adult? Would you help them find their way? Maybe you’re the lost child. Who do you look to when you feel lost? There isn’t a day that goes by when you don’t face one of these opportunities; and there isn’t one of these opportunities that is not worthwhile.

The younger you are, the more likely it is that a guardian can provide the guidance you require. As an adult, it becomes complicated to find what you need. You live into purpose as you fulfill this need for others…and sometimes for yourSelf.

Heroes are role models, and lead by example. No matter who they are, all people are learning how to live, not only the young and impressionable. When you’re mindful you experience the love, inspiration and creativity that reside in the current moment with you. You can live up to and into this sacred trust. You’re an essential expression of the Universe, unfolding together, and this authentic value is yours to give.

In the moment, there is guidance from your authentic Self. You can choose not to attach to fear, anxiety or another emotional signal. Acknowledge what you feel, but don’t attach to it anymore than you would to any other signal. It’s a reminder to return to the present and awaken your wisdom to ask, “What’s really going on here?”

Living into purpose isn’t limited to leaping into action. It’s a commitment to help and contribute the authentic value that’s yours to give. Sometimes you’ll guide consciously, and other times unconsciously. Become mindful and start right now.

Tao of Yummi Sutra 33 4/6

Hero, You’re a Sanctuary

How do you live into a commitment to safeguard both whom and what you cherish? Just as you can’t keep promises if you don’t know what promises you’ve made; you can’t commit unless you consciously choose to whom or what you’ve committed.

However you vote and whomever you vote for, you know of the Secret Service’s commitment to shielding. These women and men leave home each day prepared to use their bodies as shields for someone they may or may not have voted for, may or may not even like — but whose wellbeing represents their ideals. They’ve become a sanctuary for their ideals.

There is no question that you will shield those you love. What about the beliefs you cherish? You are an essential expression of the Universe. The integrity of ‘the work’ you contribute as the Universe unfolds is your integrity. Your nature as part of the Universe unfolding translates to the authentic value you represent within the Universe itself. This value is yours to give. Commitment to authentic value creation is a commitment to love, inspiration and creativity- the truth of how we live into purpose and help to make things better.

How do you become a sanctuary for this truth? Begin the day by setting your intention for value creation. No matter your circumstance, you can set an intention for value creation as opposed to value extraction or value destruction. Commit to fulfill on this intention mindfully in each current moment. Make your heroic commitment to both whom and what you love as a sanctuary for authentic value.

Tao of Yummi Sutra 33 5/6

Hero, You Can Start Right Now

How can you make the most of your life? You don’t need to wait to become a hero. Your opportunity is unfolding right in front of you. The way you face is forward. Go out in the street and make it happen.

In every moment you face an opportunity to make things better. You are here to help, and helping is the purpose of a hero. You may attach to an emotion or expectation and get carried away from mindfulness. Emotions are legitimate signals with valuable information. Don’t detach. Authenticity requires depth of feeling. However, you can make it your choice whether or not to attach to an emotion and get carried away from the moment towards “what if’s” (in a future that hasn’t yet occurred), or “what if I had only’s” (from a past that is no longer happening). Mindfulness in the moment is non-attachment.

The current moment is all that is real. You have not only a right — you have a responsibility to be here. Release expectations around that conversation you had, email in your inbox, or what tomorrow brings. Whether your opportunity is preparation-, planning- or action-oriented, your opportunity to help is here. Whether the one you help is a loved one, a total stranger, or even yourSelf, what you do right now is worthwhile. If you want to live a beautiful life, you must do “the work” to create that beauty as you go.

Your essential nature as an expression of the Universe resides in this moment. Love, inspiration and creativity are here as well. Rather than waiting or looking elsewhere, use mindfulness to open to the delightful and unexpected.

Tao of Yummi Sutra 33 6/6

Whose Champion Will You Be Next?

Looking for your authentic heroic nature? You don’t need to find something that’s not lost. 
 You can interact with the world through your authentic nature, or you can attach to fear and get carried away from the moment, where authenticity resides. Choose not to attach, but also choose not to detach. Ignorance isn’t authentic and detachment from emotion is ignorance. Instead, practice non-attachment with the free flow of mindfulness in the current moment. This is where you face the opportunity of a lifetime. It may be something dramatic…but more frequently it will be humble. Incremental change adds up to big change. Release expectations and become mindful in the moment to experience the fulfillment of purpose.
 Would a hero stop a beating? What about beating yourSelf up? You are conscientious and have a strong sense of values. But don’t attach to an expectation for perfection. When you make a misstep, take responsibility, learn, and then let it go. You’re beating yourSelf up when you attach to, and worry over, the “what if I had only’s” of the past. Beating yourSelf up doesn’t create value for you or anyone else. Instead, be grateful for the Serendipitous learning, because now you’ll be ready the next time, and proceed confidently into purpose.
 Champion the causes and people you believe in, and believe in the opportunities you face. Does anyone have to lose for you to be a champion? Helping isn’t a board game. Imagine a world populated by heroes. Would they compete to extract value for themSelves or collaborate to create value for all? When someone has to lose for another to win, it’s called a “zero-sum game.” The treasure of the moment is the winning of a lifetime: love, inspiration and creativity. There is enough for all because the treasure is limitless. Don’t get caught up in someone else’s game. No one needs to lose when you set your intention to value creation. Open to your authentic heroic nature. Whose champion will you be next?

As ever, it’s a pleasure and an honor to offer the authentic value that’s ours’ to give. If you have questions, I’m here.



Respect and gratitude for inspiration to…

Peter Rutter for continuing to ask the question, “what’s really going on here?”

Jan Kadrey for inspiring a definition of wisdom: the abilityto ask, “what’s really going on here” and the ability to choose whether or not to attach.

@Kris Smith for inspiring the idea that heroes are here to guide.

Dean Clements for his inquiry and journey to throw the door open wide for Serendipity in life.