Own The Present That Is YOUR Gift

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 27, Microsutra 5/6

Why is it referred to as ‘the work’ rather than ‘my work’ here? Is it possible to live from a place deep down when you’re singing your own praises to the hills?
What happens when you meet a person whose work you’ve always admired, only to discover how impressed they are with themSelves? Is it a turn-off? Bragging is a song of ‘less than’, when you’re already enough. Self-deprecation is not authentic, but, sing a song of humility and you keep yourSelf precious by devotion to ‘the work’. Devotion to ‘the work’ leads to respect and a confidence greater than ego. Beating your chest about how cool you are is not cool, and not only detracts from how cool you seem — it also distracts from ‘the work’ that makes you cool in the first place.
Imagine a great fine artist giving praise to their muse, or holy person giving praise to the Universe. In either case, these artists, devoted to value creation, give praise to a source greater than themSelves, showing gratitude for the role they are graced to play, as inspiration gives them the opportunity to produce their authentic value.
It works like this. Have faith in yourSelf as an essential expression of the Universe. Unlock deep confidence in the authentic value that is yours’ to give. If you sing your own praise as an isolated individual, it undermines this deep faith in your authentic nature, one with all that is. Being part of something larger than yourSelf leads to living into purpose, where you own the care and feeding of the benign unfolding of the Universe. You become fearless about seeing yourSelf in the moment, as you own doing what’s right simply because it’s what you do. Faith and humility lead to grace. Grace is the gift of your ability to create authentic value in the current moment. Own the present that is your gift.