Practical Magic of the Little Things

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 37, Microsutra 1/6

What’s the practical value of a superstition? Since there were pennies, seeing a penny and picking it up has stood for good luck. Before this, the proverb substituted pins for pennies. Far beyond the intrinsic value of a pin or penny, it’s about what it signals, and the impact of that signal. You’re mindful enough to see the penny. The penny rewards that mindfulness. The reward reinforces mindfulness as a rewarding attitude, and the world becomes a bit smaller, while you feel part of something larger.
Serendipity’s a welcome road sign, signaling that you’re on the road you intend — a road of love, inspiration and creativity. Begin each day setting your intention to value-creative, and your orientation towards living leads to fulfillment…authentic value for yourSelf and others.
Imagine 150 years ago, when a penny could actually buy something. A penny on the street was delightful and unexpected…value at your feet, as you’re walking down the street. If you were aware, and the time was right, you would be the one to see it. You picked it up and felt good about it. Feeling good, you greeted people more generously on your way to work. They returned the sentiment, reinforcing your pleasant attitude. Perhaps you inspired a ripple of generosity as these people greeted others on their way to work or wherever the day took them…and on and on. Arriving at your destination, perhaps the generous mood inspired you to look for opportunities to help. Enjoying purpose great and small, you would have remained present to enjoy the moment. More ripples of Serendipity. All from a penny in the street.
It’s not the thing, or magic contained in the thing…it’s the signal and how you use it. Have a moment of mindfulness. It guides you to a small grace. Let that small grace guide you to a larger grace and reinforce your generous attitude. You have the power to move from inspiration to value creation. See that proverbial penny and pick it up for yourSelf and others.

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