Ride Your Serendipity Cycle

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 28, Microsutra 3/6

Where do you step into the flow of Serendipity? You and the Universe unfold together. Moment after moment. Stage after stage. This is your essential cycle:
You are here to help.
You have value to give.
In each moment, you face opportunities to live into purpose.
As you fulfill on opportunities to live into purpose, both great and small, you see yourSelf creating value.
As you see yourself creating value, you release fear and attachments, becoming mindful in the moment.
As you become mindful in the moment you open to the delightful and unexpected.
As you experience Serendipity in the moment, moment after moment, you experience the love, inspiration and creativity that reside here. Growing from the experience, just as you grow from child to adult, your gratitude grows as well.
As your gratitude grows, you realize that you are here to help…c’mon in…the water’s fine.