The Power Of Your Choice

Tao Of Yummi Sutra 24, Microsutra 6/6

From creation to destruction — inspiration to intimidation, power is only sustainable when based in trust, love and authenticity. Power must be jealously protected if it is based on greed, fear and pain, and intended to intimidate.

What is intimidation, but attachment to fear? Does it create impact to bring the hammer down? Of course, and the impact manifests as pain and fear. It definitely makes an impression, if not an outright dent. However, does the power of pain and fear sustain itself? No, as soon as people can find a way out, they do. There is no sustainable allegiance to pain and fear. This is why despots keep ‘the people’ down. Totalitarian rule is based on intimidation rather than inspiration — a cycle of fear — fear created in the hearts of ‘the people’ because the ruler is fearful of ‘the people’ rising up.

As you live into purpose you begin to release attachments and become more mindful in the moment, engaging in a sustainable cycle. Without attachment, as you become mindful in the moment, you open to the delightful and unexpected: inspiration and creativity. As you open to inspiration and creativity, and create value, you see that the value you have to give is authentic, and special, after all. As you observe the value that is yours’ to give as authentic and special after all, you become more purposeful, realizing that you have the power to help. Fortunately, you are here to help. Mindful in the moment, which is all that is, you open to the delightful and unexpected…the sustainable power of authenticity, love and inspiration.

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