Tao of Yummi Sutra 16

There’s A Party Goin’ On…Right Here, Right Now

Celebrate Every Moment: Tao of Yummi Sutra 16

Do you think that living into purpose requires you to be serious? Ever heard of the Sufis or seen how they worship? Ecstatic dance. You carry a sacred space with you wherever you go…but coming into contact with palpable sacred space makes you mindful. Celebration can simply be a way to become mindful in the moment through gratitude. There are many ways to be mindful in the moment.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 16, Frame 1/6

What does celebration signify to you? Do you celebrate with mindfulness? If you choose, mindfulness in the moment can be a celebration of yourSelf as an essential expression of the Universe.

What does “the good life” mean to you? Do you love yourSelf? Imagine someone, not your parent, who took care of you all day, everyday, because they wanted to give you “the good life.” This person wakes you up in the morning, feeds you, clothes you, transports you everywhere you go and eventually tucks you in at night. Should you be grateful for this person in your life? If you knew this person’s motives were pure and benevolent towards you, would you love this person? Is spending time with those you love “the good life?”

In not-so-ancient times, celebrations meant giving thanks to the Universe for all that we have on earth. Do you celebrate all that we have and are? There’s certainly a lot of work to be done, but we have and are quite a lot. If in every moment we can open to the delightful and unexpected, what more cause do we need to celebrate?

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 16, Frame 2/6

Why wait for a birthday, holiday or large gathering to celebrate? What calendar can contain all the opportunities to appreciate things like the smell of cut grass, the feel of warm sand, or the musical sound of those you love laughing? There are so many moments worth paying special attention and homage that all you have to do is choose one.

Imagine a period, years ago, before you had achieved all that you treasure in life right now…it required immense commitment, time and investment to live into the place you find yourSelf. Isn’t it worth celebrating the culmination of all that it took to build towards this current moment?

You don’t have to buy supplies or send out invitations for this kind of a party to ‘go off.’ Love and gratitude is all you need.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 16, Frame 3/6

Mindfulness in the moment is ultimately a practice that is solely dependent upon yourSelf. No one BUT yourSelf is there all the time, behind the scenes, to work on this with you.

Olympic athletes must train up to their limits, in order to exceed those limits. Even the coach doesn’t know what those limits are. Only the athlete himSelf or herSelf can tell, because only the athlete is there, all the time, behind the scenes, living into that purpose.

While a grateful few have a purpose as clear and defined as an Olympic Athlete, it’s not necessary to run faster, jump higher and lift more than any human has before you to live into purpose, be mindful in the moment and open to the delightful and unexpected. Our paths may be different, but the mindful commitment it requires to achieve our full potential is the same.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 16, Frame 4/6

Does a celebration have an upper time limit? What about a lower time limit? Why impose a limit on celebrating unless it’s necessary to do so? Can we party for just a moment?

Take a breath. Go ahead, take another. Can’t stop, can you? Why not enjoy it? For that matter, why not enjoy every breath, bite or sip of life every chance you get? Is one breath, bite or sip more special than all the rest?

When you leave the house, hug those you love before you go. Hug those you can hug, whenever you can. Much of life may be spent around those with whom we do not have a ‘hugging’ relationship, so celebrate being together right now. You’ll be happier. They’ll be happier. Creating a cycle of happiness is a fine purpose to serve.

When you’re mindful in the moment, in each moment, you’ve got the opportunity to experience life more fully. Less self-criticism, less distraction, less fear…more taste, more flavor. There may not be a prize in every box, but you can find something special in every bite, if you’re open to it.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 16, Frame 5/6

When was the last time you stood in line and struck up a short conversation that ended with a “nice talking with you, take care of yourSelf” moment?

Have you ever caught the door for someone running up to an elevator and experienced genuine connection and gratitude from that person?

Now imagine becoming the sole inhabitant of an empty place. You have food and shelter. You’re safe. It’s VERY quiet. At first, some might appreciate the solitude. Eventually, another human being would be a treat for any of us.

Sometimes it’s difficult to appreciate something…or someone…until no one’s there. Living into purpose can be as simple as stepping aside for someone who has difficulty walking. Being mindful in the moment, we can open to something delightful and unexpected.

Although we may ‘party’ in different ways, we can celebrate interconnectedness together.

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 16, Frame 6/6

Who doesn’t love a small town parade? What’s special about it? Is it the creativity of the floats and the fact that half the town is marching while the other half watches and cheers them on? Is it the diversity of people, old and young? Is it the BBQ, watermelon or fresh corn? What about the homemade lemonade or homebrewed beer or cider?
 What about the fear of missing out on a text or email from work? Does that play any part in a small town parade? Perhaps, the small town parade is about the WHOLE experience of life, right then and there, sharing purpose, simple pleasures, instant companionship and celebrating interconnectedness.
 Typically, we make remarkable preparations for our celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday cake, house decorations or extraordinarily wrapped gifts, we make these preparations to purposefully elevate life in honor of a special event, inspiring mindfulness and appreciation in the moment. 
 Ultimately, the best present you can get is the present moment. It’s the only time that’s real. The past is a memory. The future is a ‘what-if’ or expectation. You don’t need a parade to live into purpose, mindful in the moment, open to the delightful and unexpected, while you revel in each breath, bite, sip or interaction.
 When will you choose to begin the celebration?


Deep love and gratitude to my sons Jake and Ben, who make every moment a time worth celebrating, and to my wonderful wife, Kristin Smith, who ‘Kris-talized’ convergent ideas with me to drive to a major realization about the two halves the responsibility we have when working to inspire others to more fully experience their potential. There are those who are charismatic, who make you feel like you can open to more. There are those who are charismatic and fabulous who make you feel like you have less right now and need to get more. We must inspire others to ‘open’ rather than ‘get.’ Thanks to Kaleo Sallas, the most fabulous person I’ve ever met, who works hard to make people open to their potential, and never makes other people feel ‘less than.’