Tao of Yummi, Sutra 73

There’s Sublime in That Mundane, and It’s Delicious!

Do you see the sublime in the mundane?

In this society and culture of extraordinary achievement, it’s easy to overlook the everyday, or judge it as somehow less worthwhile.

Imagine if fireworks went off each night. Would you still appreciate the spectacle? They’d still be fireworks. Everything about their nature would remain the same, but instead of signifying a holiday, they’d become part of the everyday.

You don’t have to sacrifice a sense of wonder just because it’s become the everyday. Are the moon and stars any less spectacular just because they appear each night? Not at all, but you have to look at them to see them and you might not take the time…because they appear each night.

It’s like that moment on the sidewalk where you found yourSelf connected to all that is. Barriers of perception melted away, and you experienced your authentic nature as an essential expression of the Universe. Magical and mind-blowing? Without a doubt. It was singular as you experienced it — but really, you were just strolling along on the sidewalk.

Open to the sublime in the mundane and you’ll find yourSelf surrounded by endless inspiration.

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…this has been Tao of Yummi, Sutra 73 of 81. Thank you for your love and inspiration here, brothers and sisters. It takes all of us working together to bring Serendipity to life!

The Tao of Yummi is a serial conscious cartoon strip about finding your way to the delightful and unexpected through purpose and mindfulness. If you’re living into purpose and mindful in the moment, you’ll open to the infinite love, inspiration and creativity that is already yours.

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