TOY S31, 5/5

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 31, Microsutra 5/5

What do you already have in abundance, that is the source of meaning and fulfillment for your greatest work? Authenticity is both a power and a responsibility. Your authentic Self resides in the current moment. You pay value into the Universe to create a beautiful life, and are rewarded as you become surrounded by meaning and beauty. It’s beyond doing what you do simply because it’s intellectually correct. People may tell you what they think you should do…but doing what’s right, living into purpose, is simply what you do.
The dream in Silicon Valley is for startups to become “Unicorns.” The “Unicorn” analogy refers to something magical yet plausible, that creates value beyond all reasonable expectations (technically, a startup worth a billion dollars). So many of these companies have lost their way and failed because they lost their sense of purpose, shifting from making the magic they were founded to create, to simply making money. Authentic value is the ultimate value. Lose your sense of purpose and you’ll get carried away from the current moment, and the love, inspiration, and creativity (delightful beyond all expectations) that reside here.
Not only is it unfair to yourSelf to seek the approval of others as inspiration — it’s also not fair to those who need the value that’s yours’ to give. Whether they know it or not, they’ve been waiting for this. Fortunately, it’s also your honor and pleasure to help. Show gratitude for the honor and the pleasure by living into purpose. Be mindful in the current moment and open to the delightful and unexpected. Do what you do, because it’s you.