Why? Because It’s You

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 31, Microsutra 3/5

What’s your answer to “why?” When the answer to “why” is, “because it’s Picasso,” that’s not only because some of “the work” attributed to him is priceless, but also because Picasso always was, and always will be, himSelf, the one and only, and most will agree…that’s pretty special.

Add up all the moments (about 86,000-a-day) that went into making yourSelf in the current moment, PLUS the fact that time is a priceless commodity (it cannot be bought or sold), and, even before quantifying the vast extent of all other value and potential you represent, you’ll see why your authentic perspective is singular…and that’s pretty special too. Whether or not others agree depends upon what you do with it.

Your job may be to produce widgets designed by someone else. If this is your job, do it with commitment and purpose. However, a job doesn’t define who you are and how you live into purpose, moment by moment. If you travel through life seeking the approval of others, your efforts will be formulated to please someone else’s tastes. Seeking the approval of others is the same as attaching to expectations or “what if’s” for the future. Attach to something that hasn’t yet happened and isn’t real, and you’ll be carried away from the moment, where the Serendipity of real inspiration, creativity and love resides.

Seeking approval is different than pleasing others. There’s nothing wrong with actually pleasing others. You’re here to help. No one else has experienced this journey through time exactly like you. What you bring to life is valuable, and the Universe deserves it. However, please yourSelf first, to bring the authentic value that is yours’ to give. You, and only you, can determine how you bring authenticity and Serendipity to life.