Tao of Yummi Sutra 64

Why Not Party on Purpose Throughout Your Day?

Want to make it a treasure hunt all day, every day?
When you can leave all that gets between you and the experience behind, whether its emotional addiction, or any other addiction, you can travel through life like a prospector using a sluice to search for gold.
The sluice needs water that will carry the contents of the riverbed through it, and your water’s life. When you get stuck, go out and send life through your sluice. Take a look at what it leaves behind. You’ll get plenty of common dirt, but you’ll also find a treasure trove -nuggets of wisdom, precious moments and exquisite insights. These will help you leave the addictive attachments behind — especially with all the fear and anger in the air right now.
Doing It: What happened yesterday that was remarkable? Something did. It could have been something pleasurable…but it could also have been something that was downright unpleasant. Either way, something remarkable happened. Take a look and you’ll notice something new, about life, or about yourSelf. It’s easy to notice a gentle insight and then forget all about it, when in fact you’ve had a moment of pure mindfulness. Isn’t this worth celebrating with gratitude?
Show gratitude for the insights life brings by recording them somehow. Don’t agonize to make it perfect, just start recording. No need to know exactly what you’ll do with them…that part will become clear at just the right time. Until then, hold onto these recorded insights like money in a savings account. They add up in many different ways.
Each time you register an insight, it’s a moment of mindfulness. Mindfulness takes practice, so this means you’re practicing, building the muscle, and it’s working! Boom! You were mindful. Boom! The attachment gets a little easier to leave behind.
When you record your insights, keep them in a single place where you can come back and add to the record. When you forget what mindfulness feels like, or get discouraged about whether or not you’re achieving what you set out to do…consult your mindfulness treasure trove. It’s pretty tough to deny yourSelf progress when you’ve got the proof right under your nose.

Built by Change

Why welcome the ever-changing shape of your life? Without the change, where would you get the material for growth?

You don’t live in the house where you grew up, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. When you were a child, it seemed like you would live there forever; but this was because you didn’t know of the other places you could and would live. It’s comforting to visit your childhood home, but the home you’ve created for yourSelf reflects who you are now.

Relationships are ever-changing as well — both the one you have with yourSelf, and the ones you have with others. There are periods where you spend a great deal of time with particular friends or family members…and there will be times when you see less of these people. The only relationship where you’ll never see more or less of someone is the one with yourSelf.

You’re here 100% of the time. You go through ups and downs with how you feel about yourSelf, but no matter what, whether you’re in the jungles of Borneo or in an ice cave in Nepal, you’re always there for yourSelf. Who else wakes you up in the morning, brushes your teeth, dresses, feeds, transports and tucks you in at nighttime — 24/7 and without geographic limits? Love yourSelf — doesn’t someone who dedicates themSelves to you, like you do, deserve it?

Doing It: Create a gratitude meditation to foster love for others and yourSelf each night. Take your seat. Feel your connection all the way down in the ground and all the way up in the air. Now begin to say, “thanks” specifically for each person in your life, ending with yourSelf. As you say thanks, feel all that you are thankful for in you- brain, heart, legs, college degree…whatever you want. This is your meditation, and it’s always the ultimate creative space.

Happy Anyday-of-the-Week

Shadow won’t stop, but you can change how you meet it, and learn to make it a reason to get up in the morning.

You start the day by setting intention. It keeps you on track, allowing you to look back on a day and see what you’ve done. You set yours to value-creative first thing, everyday.

With a value-creative intention, you go forth, open to the opportunities life brings to exercise intention. Living into purpose, both great and small, the current moment carries opportunity after opportunity. Picking up the credit card that mother with her children dropped and running after her to give it back; hearing the hitch in that man’s voice, asking him if he’s alright, and then providing the insight you’ve gained; writing that children’s book on the subject that doesn’t exist — the list is as varied and extensive as the number of current moments.

Creating value and helping, you become mindful in the moment, open to the delightful and unexpected. Sometimes it’s kismet — things that are too good to be true, like that sack of 1000’s of lucky pennies someone dropped next to your front tire that day you wondered if you were still on track. Other times, it’s pure compassion. You’re here to help, and pay it forward into the Universe without expectation. Mindful and open to all that is, in the eternal now, you see the impact of your purposeful life reflected back — sometimes instantly, more often than not, delayed, but always, a source of inspiration and meaning.

Doing It: When you can, go to one of your favorite spots and open to as much as possible. See an opportunity to help? Do it! Grow the magic of your favorite place as you leave it better than you found it each time — whether that’s picking up a piece of trash, giving directions or helping a lost child find their parents, you’re paying the change you wish to see into the Universe, and seeing it pay off.

Rolling Deep with Friends You’ve Yet to Meet

What’s stopping you from “rolling deep,” more often?
It’s an amazing feeling- being on a mission, surrounded by folks with a shared purpose. Whether you’re pitching a new client, rocking a house party, or raising a home for Habitat for Humanity…it’s always a good feeling to be “rolling deep.” The energy of the crew uplifts and sustains.
If you love it so much, why don’t you “roll deep” more often? Everyone’s too busy? Can’t get a sitter? Maybe you’re quiet, new in town, and haven’t met enough people yet.
How about “rolling deep” with friends you’ve yet to meet? Whether it’s Don the Grocer or folks just walking down the street — each day you’re around people, so why can’t you be on a mission together?
The fact is, you’re already collaborating. You’re on a mission of compassion — you help as the need arises, and the need arises from other beings — they create opportunities to live into purpose and achieve fulfillment. You help each other.
You’re also on a mission to create the change you wish to see in the Universe — like adding to those big ole cosmic balls of gratitude and mindfulness. So are the folks around you, whether they know it or not. They give “thanks” and try to be present as much as possible. You may have yet to meet, but you’re working together.
Doing It: Change your perspective and get more connected. When you’re looking for a job, and someone introduces you to the hiring manager, they’re helping, right? You seek fulfillment. The friends you’ve yet to meet are teeing up opportunities where you can find fulfillment. Practice a softer, broader form of gratitude for the opportunities you’re given, and you’ll be “rolling deep,” more often.

Power of a Heart Blown Wide-Open

Blowing your heart wide-open means there’s no retreat from life. Mindfulness may be a moment-to-moment practice, and you won’t always muster it, but once your heart opens to compassion, you see that opportunities for “the work” go on and on.

More than time passing, moments have become multifaceted opportunities. The meaning of your life grows on purpose. You’re making meaning like a fry cook at the griddle, flipping gratitude patties here, inspiration pancakes there, and keeping an eye on the truth — sunny-side-up, over-easy, omelets and scrambles.

Emotions that aren’t fun are meaningful too. If you’re sad, feel it fully — just don’t attach and let it become a pity party. Too much pity partying and you lose sight of the meaning. Sadness can be a grand, cleansing emotion, essential not only for your health, but the health of those around you. Sadness comes, you notice it, and ask, “what’s really going on here?” Use the insight to make more meaning. Truth isn’t meant to be sunny-side-up all the time. Open to the truth earlier and you won’t add to those cosmic balls of ignorance and denial.

People create pain-filled pressure-cookers. Sweep that stuff under the rug now and magnify its power over you.

Let enough time pass in denial, and pulling the rug up will be so painful that you’ll barely be able to look at it. It’s never too late, but it can become a lot more painful than it needs to be. The upside is; it can all change in a moment. Deniers choose to torment themSelves by living closed lives and seeing less.

Doing It: Discover the potential in sadness. Let sadness you feel become empathy for the pain of others. Now transform that sadness into inspiration and do a solid for someone in your immediate vicinity. Still open, take a look at the truth of sadness illuminated by what you did with it.

Metabolizing Shadow

What’s it mean to metabolize the shadow?

Both shadow and light can become the wind in your sails, but the shadow holds special potential for growth. It’s nutrition for yourSelf. Just as you eat food to process it for the body, feel shadow to metabolize it for yourSelf.

Recall your most recent jolt of anger. However you handled it, you felt the anger and then traveled your path to reach the current moment. The jolt of anger wasn’t pleasant, but then you made a choice.

Perhaps you ignored it, burying it deep down. Experience teaches that it’s only going to come back in some way, even worse than before, if left to fester.

On the other hand, maybe you felt it, and then attached to it, allowing it to carry you out of the moment and begin manufacturing more anger. Adding to the anger that exists isn’t your intention, and doesn’t get you where you need to go.

Doing It: The third way is to metabolize the anger. Feel it. Then ask, “What’s really going on here?” Slow things down. Transform it into mindfulness, learn and grow. Maybe you could have saved some suffering and generated a little grace. The two points of that initial jolt and the current moment remain the same, but you can change what happens in between with your reaction. This is the cycle of healing and growth from the shadow. You grow stronger, not just strong, because you grow from the state of being you occupy in the first place.

Every day you become more you, more the way things are. The way things are right now is more the way things are than a moment ago because that was a moment ago. Metabolizing shadow is an essential skill that gets you to now. Since now is the place you’re going to be, you might as well travel here as well, and with as much grace, as possible.

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This is Tao of Yummi, Sutra 64.

The Tao of Yummi is a serial conscious cartoon strip about finding your way to the delightful and unexpected through purpose and mindfulness. If you’re living into purpose and mindful in the moment, you’ll open to the infinite love, inspiration and creativity that is already yours.

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