You Are Already Complete

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 39, Microsutra 2/6

You don’t look for the missing piece of the puzzle when all the pieces are in place, and you don’t go looking for someone to complete you when you’re self-fulfilled.

A strong relationship is based on the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Consider this scenario: “waiting by the phone” on the off chance that someone you’re obsessed with will call. Time seems to pass more slowly because you’re waiting. There’s a reason for this. In the act of waiting, you’re putting a hold on what’s happening right now — living for a moment that doesn’t actually exist. The Universe is unfolding and creating opportunities to contribute and experience — but you’ve detached from all of this. The spigot for your authentic value is turned off.

How’s this different than spending your time looking around the table for missing puzzle pieces while the puzzle sits right in front of you, fully assembled?

Well, it’s time to move on. It’s time to be present. If you want others to think well of you, you must think well enough of yourSelf to appreciate and utilize the value that’s yours to give. Foster purpose in your life…make it mean something to yourSelf if you’d like it to mean something to others.

Then, as you journey through life, you’ll bump into those who are fostering purpose in their own lives. You’ll share purpose. Together, you’ll add up to something greater than either of you alone — because each of you is already complete, in addition to the purpose and mindfulness you bring to life.

Yes, you just saw “seeking a mate” used as an analogy to urge folks to move beyond attachment to “what might have happened,” and into purposeful action. We must now become mindful and engage in the process of making real progress, as opposed to just making each other really angry.