Tao of Yummi Microsutra S18, 5/6

You Have What You Want

Tao of Yummi Microsutra S18, 6/6

As we grow to love someone, that which we originally regarded as imperfection, frequently becomes that which we love the most. What makes someone different is what makes them uniquely and authentically themSelves.

Who wakes you up each morning, dresses you, feeds you, shuttles you where you need to go, works to keep fed and sheltered? Did you realize someone’s looking out for you? Love and celebrate yourSelf like you’d love and celebrate a caregiver whose love inspires them to give what they have in the hopes of your wellbeing.

Accept yourSelf to realize your authentic nature as part of the larger whole. You are an essential part of the Universe, all that is. You and the Universe unfold together.

No one knows yourSelf as well as you do. If you can love yourSelf, you unlock the ability to deeply love others for who they are…your family, friends, colleagues…the relationships you cherish. Surrounding yourSelf with love is surrounding yourSelf with beauty. This is your beautiful life — right here, right now.

Live into purpose, be mindful in the moment, open to the delightful and unexpected, and build on your beautiful life. This moment is all there is…don’t allow yourSelf to get carried away from its beauty by fear or anxiety. You can react to beauty in fear (of loss or missing out) or celebration (with gratitude) — it’s your choice. Start now.