You’re So Much More Than The Things You Own

Tao of Yummi, Sutra 34, Microsutra 2/6

You are so much more than the clothes you wear or the things you own.
Enjoy the stuff you have, but don’t attach your identity to it. You and all those around you are integral parts of something infinitely larger. You have an unlimited capacity for love, inspiration and creativity. Stuff isn’t unlimited, it’s just stuff. Why limit your authentic unlimited nature?
When you attach your identity to a thing that can be owned, you open yourSelf to the fear of someone taking that thing away. Fear of loss leads to jealousy, anger and distraction from your full experience of life in the moment.
Instead, exercise gratitude. Celebrate a thing simply because it exists. When the thing is truly sublime, whether it’s a priceless piece of antiquity, or a one-of-a-kind slice of memorabilia, you can celebrate its existence and experience gratitude whether you own it or not. If you own it, take good care of it. Enjoy it. But don’t attach to it possessively.
Ultimately, you are always enough, without your stuff, all by yourSelf. The things in your life do not unfold like you do. You and the Universe unfold together, and you can contribute in each moment. Instead of attaching your identity to stuff, live into purpose and hold the door open wide for the Serendipity all around.