Let’s Eat Yourself on Your Birthday

Can you eat yourself on your birthday? Yes, you heard the right question which still seems odd to you. This question simply indicates to a photo cake that carries your personal photograph on the top of the cake. Still amazed! It is not a hard core photo paper you paste on the top of the cake. It an edible rice photo paper on which an image shown on your photograph is developed and settled on the top portion of the cake to make things happen in your favor. When you have such photo cake from the best cake shop in Delhi, you can easily eat yourself on your birthday.

It is quite clear that a photo cake is not a cake that you think of. It is actually a simple cake carrying some individual or popular images inspired by other characters. The process of developing your image on the edible rice paper is done by professional cake designers as they know how to make it possible in the least amount of time. This process is not easy and time consuming. So, you need to place an online photo cake order in advance, at least 2–3 days. Once your order is complete, the cake designers will be able to send it at your doorsteps through an online cake delivery in Delhi and other parts around the national capital of India.

Adding an actual image of yours on the top of the cake with the help of an extra layer of edible rice paper is a process that is done only by online cake shops. These shops try their best to deliver a splendid look and appeal a cake of your choice and interest. If you are genuinely interested in getting a freshly-baked photo cake for your upcoming birthday , you simply need to find the best of your personal images. Choose the best image that you would like to get on your choice cakes.

If you are unable to take a decision, you better post a few images so that cake designers can take a balanced decision. Then, cake designers will mold the same cake on the top of the cake. The very next day, you will be able to get the same at your home. Thanks to a photo cake delivery in Noida or Delhi from leading online cake shops.

If you want to eat a cake that is not carrying your individual image, then following cake options can make a real difference. These include:

  1. Disney Cinderella photo cake and Disney MacQueen photo cake

2. Disney Mickey Mouse photo cake and Disney Donald Duck photo cake

3. Disney Princess photo cake and Winie the Pooh photo cake

4. Mermaid photo cake and Spider man photo cake

5. Disney family children photo cake and Ben 10 photo cake

All these cake types are unique and ready to serve you anywhere in Delhi and its nearby areas.