Is Social Media A Woman’s Job?

I often hear my male colleagues saying that Social Media management is best suited to a woman. At first, I wasn’t sure whether this was a compliment or not, especially because I work in a soccer-crazed newsroom where testosterone is the order of the day. So, I put it out of mind as simply misogynistic thinking.

However, I’ve come to realise that this comment is most certainly a compliment. A compliment all women working in Social Media ought to embrace with a huge sense of pride. Why? Because we innately possess the qualities and skills required to deliver in this arena and flourish.

These qualities include:

· Strong communication skills on every level

· A love of words and socialising

· Creative thinking

· Organisation

· Problem-solving abilities

· Quick thinking and a flair for damage control in an immediate environment

There’s no need for a degree in Social Media. There’s only a requisite for a high degree of emotional IQ, since this informs every piece of content produced and is the backbone of every successful digital campaign. If you are not in tuned to who your audience is and understand their behavioural patterns online you cannot be good at what you do.

The formula to success in this industry is listening and then reacting. It’s about understanding sentiment, analysing it and have it be the basis of your content strategy. All action, whether men would like to admit it or not, comes as a result of a particular emotion. This is a no-brainer for women.

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