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“Dragic and Waiters, in particular, have been playing like an NBA Jam duo permanently on fire, taking turns running the offense, attacking the rim and spotting up off the ball, and pushing the pace at every opportunity.”

— Only watched MIA live v. GSW, but anecdotally, was most excited by D.Wait’s penetration/passing. He’s obviously conspicuous as a gunner & w/ Heat’s current make-up he can do whatever he wants, but his most sustainable NBA role/ceiling might be similar to how HOU are using ergo off the bench as a secondary PG to semi-replicate Beard’s gm when he sits (while still allowing for that gunning when they play together — similar dynamic, to a much lesser level, btwn Dragon & Wait). MIA would obviously need to fill-out the roster & who knows if TheWaitingIsle will even re-up (+ his D isn’t nearly as “stout” as e.g.’s), but seems to be working in HOU…

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