Signing CP3, trading Deandre, letting Blake walk and then luring Lebron next year seems like an awful tall order. Unless the plan is to get the banana boat gang together in L.A. in 2018.
I’m not quite sure what the clippers long game is here.
Geoff Oliphant

Not rec’ing it, but if that’s the “plan” you could still sign Blake & then flip him for Melo (& possibly a pick if Blake somehow stays healthy/returns to form next yr) in ‘18, while getting D.Wade to accept a vet.min. or exemption after he golden-parachutes outta CHI, giving TheBananaSplit at least a 1yr shot at a title & then let LBJ(if he’s on a 1+1)/Melo/D.Wade walk if/when it blows-up in their faces, then start the re-build w/ CP3 as the caretaker

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