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“On the other side of the ball, Golden State has negated one of his biggest strengths as a defender by repeatedly attacking him off the dribble whenever he switches a screen and guards either Curry or Durant.”

There was also a trust-the-process play earlier where TT got switched on to KD, but KD passed up the iso in order to get a screen & a better shot — this happens even more often w/ Steph where he gets the big-man switch you think’s to his advantage, but then quickly passes off to run more offense (guess it’s part of GSW’s philosophy: iso on a perimeter big’s great, but running that big through screens chasing a shooter’s even better! — & for all of Steph’s talents, he doesn’t have the killer-cross like Kyrie/etc. & has to work really hard to take defenders off the dribble, even bigs, so patience/trust might be his best bet)