For the City

The Gospel-

The cosmic culmination of the infinite wrath and all-consuming love of God-

it’s awesome

We were liberated from our state of death and sin as our Savior cried out a glorious “It is Finished”

We were declared righteous by the all-wise, all-just, all-sin-hating God who must dish out justice on those who disobey Him

And in His justice, He scandalously placed the penalty of our sin on the God-man, who, in victory over sin and Satan, now sits at God’s Right Hand

But before His ascension, we were given a mission

We are to go to all neighborhoods and nations to declare the saving power of our Awesome Messiah and go and make disciples

But we may as well call this Great Commission the “Great Omission” because the Church is in denial

We say things like, “Jesus can’t really mean what he says! Like, I make disciples when I sit in Church or occasionally do family devotions… Naw, David…. You’re missin’ the point… What He really meant was…”

And so we make a slight revision to our mission

I mean, it really couldn’t hurt that much. So what if it’s some slight deviance?

And then we butcher the Scriptures to justify our disobedience.

And even though we know God wants all people from every tribe, tongue, and nation singing before the Throne

We say, “Going to the nations is great, but what about the un-reached here at home?”

And here we communicate a misunderstanding of basic Christian doctrine

God, in His Sovereignty, not only declares us “adopted,” but pours out the fullness of His Spirit in His sons and daughters- and you can’t stop it!

Read the Book of Acts- everywhere the Church went it experienced victory as the Spirit led and enabled the Church to declare the Gospel radically

So, about the people that you claim are “unreached…”

They’re not. They have access to the Gospel… through you and me.

So, there is no justification for the blatant disregard to the command given by our Awesome God

So, spread the News here and abroad

From favelas and highways

To dense jungles and open plains

From inner-cities to classy suburbs

Along with our brothers, fathers, sisters, and mothers

We will declare the Sovereignty of the Almighty as we walk lovingly beside those who are suffering

We will not bow down at the altar of safety

We will sacrifice our lives for the proclamation of His Great News globally

So now, we will begin to be content in our lots and be all things to all men

And we will start by proclaiming our Christ’s supremacy

In our city

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