A Sequence of colors and shapes in the space.

A Sequence of colors and shapes in the space (ALBERS)

In this assignment, I chose the technique is “ A Sequence of colors and shapes in the space”. This strategy comes from Josef Albers. His approach about his idea was to explore and experiment on unseen reality. For instance, construct a piece of simple materials as paper to produce different forms depends on the line and shape we create. And he always focus on used a single geometric shape to explore the vast range of visual effects that could be achieved through color and spatial relationships alone.

Figure 1 : Examples from Josef Albers.
Figure 2 : The first draft of the models.
Figure 3 : The first draft of the models.

Firstly, I made a series of models and I was tried to used different shapes such as triangle, square and paper folding in order to understand how does the different single shape brings to us different visual effects. As we know, Josef Albers is a minimalist and his shape models are about single geometric shapes. Aim to this situation, my model was inspire by UTS Tower. I was trying to use the rectangular shapes to express the building.
The keywords in my model is color and shapes. In order to follow this idea, I did the research from his works, I found Josef Albers used black and yellow to create a significant contrast of color piece, I used the black and orange, these two colors also have obvious contrast, and I want to put my own new idea in my project, so I chose the orange color to replace yellow.

Figure 4 : The second draft of my models, they are inspired by UTS Tower.
Figure 5 : The first time of my final models.
Figure 6 : My final model.
Figure 7 : My final model.

In the process of creating my model, I was tried to use different way to redesign the walls of my model. I tried to use hollow out of the arc to express the walls in this model. Through my thinking, I gave up this idea, because I found using the straight lines have more impact performance shapes than using the curve shapes, it make the model looks more clearly.
Finally, I used the color and shapes to express my ideas about my model. From the process of this assignment, I found using simple materials and cutting paper to create a building is a good way to highlights an architect’s creativity.

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