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Ezra Stoller photograph: Seagram Building, NY, Mies van der Rohe & Philip Johnson

This photo is based on Ezra Stoller’s photograph which was the famous architectural photographer and he always follows the Mid-Century Modernism.

Go through Erza’s photos, it can find he always pay attention to vantage point as well as line, color, form and texture. From this photo, the author want to shows a balance and clear framing. In the view of this photo, the viewer can see the sunlight from outside and the ground formed a distinctive shadow.

The glass walls are neatly divided into squares, revealing a symmetrical beauty. Through the transparent glass wall of the light can be seen this photo shoot in the afternoon sunset. The shooting angle lies in the middle of the whole composition, symmetrical on both sides.

According to Ezra Stoller’s photograph, I took the photo in the middle of angle which made both side to be balanced. And I also use the black and white color in this photo only, it can make the contrast between light and shadow and emphasize quiet and symmetrical features. Through the glass we can also clearly see the other buildings as a background. The background building plays an important role in the entire photo structure, and emphasized the neat and heavy features of the building itself, highlight the whole photo neat, balanced, there are obvious characteristics of light and shadow contrast.

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Ezra Stoller photograph: Seagram Building, NY, Mies van der Rohe & Philip Johnson