Sometimes, certain things happen that shake us from our comfortable existence into one which looks like so much dust is raised, you are blind for a moment. In that moment of blindness, you want to make hasty decision, albeit emotional ones. You might even want to stay put, believing the sandstorm will clear. However, I have learned that in those times, it is always good to stay calm and allow the dust to settle a bit before you take the next step.

Sometimes with the ferociousness of the dust, you may have a glimpse of the path hence, you can take your step gradually. It is slow, but the progress is steady. In essence, take your time and move again. It might look slow, but eventually, you will come out better.

No one in the Bible who had a glorious future did not face great opposition. Abraham, Jacob and even Isaac. Speaking of Isaac; the people around him were worried that he was becoming prosperous in the midst of a famine (Wonder how his crops were waters…may be it was dew from heaven). For every well he dug, the Egyptians covered it and contended with him.

Did Isaac give up? No. Now, that was good trouble. He kept digging and they kept covering until he moved further to the place God was leading him — Rehoboth! God made room for him despite the challenges. You see my brother, those men thought they were frustrating him but they were just helping him to his place of rest.

So, even when it looks like everyone is frustrating you, I want you to understand that God is only using them to move you to where He wants to give you REST! Flow with this Isaac’s anointing as you go through this week and indeed you will find rest.

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