Taas is the first investment fund investing in the blockchain


Let’s start with the fact that it is the first, it is now difficult to invest in the blockade on the market: poor understanding of the market, lack of transparency of existing solutions (taas is built on the airspace block, which means full transparency, where everyone can easily see the balance of accounts), limited investment tools, and Often the lack of market regulation by the authorities. All these problems are taken into account in the taas fund.

The profit from the fund’s investments is divided into parts, the first is 50% each quarter distributed among investors thanks to smart contracts that do not depend on a person and are held automatically according to a preset program, that is, the reliability of the fact that you definitely get profit is unconditional. The second part is 25% reinvested to increase the price of the token, that is, your balance will grow not only due to income from transactions, but also from the value of your tokens. And the third part is 10–30% will hedge the risks, that is, it is a reserve fund, which will consist of bitcoin

Tokens will be issued and will be traded on all the most basic exchanges, such as poloniex, kraken and others, which will support high liquidity when dealing with tokens; at any time, if you wish, you can easily increase or decrease the share in the fund by buying or Selling tokens.

A few words about the audit. This is the fundamental principle of any successful company, characterized by revolutionary transparency, a comprehensive set for maintaining the fund sets high standards of safety. What else is included in the audit: regular snapshots of the status of block-balance portfolios, audit of exchange accounts (the api key is only for viewing, which will allow anyone to check the balance of the exchange account), a set of monitoring technologies that allows confirming trading activity without human intervention.

Kepler is a new fund platform covering the whole spectrum of the investment process, it is not just a platform that is an intellectual investment, advanced risk analytic and portfolio management.

Our team of the best specialists: Ruslan Gavriluk — Global Strategist, Konstantin Pysarenko — International Relations Specialist, Maksim Muratov — Technology / Trade, Dimitri Chupryna — Technology / Analyst, Andrey Dubetsky — Managing Director, Andrey Zamovskiy — Technical Specialist / Head of Blocking Architecture, Oleg Vasilenko — technical consultant / crypto currency, Matviy Zaharuk — data analyst, Oleksii Matiiasevych — engineer of smart contracts, and others …

Roadmap: April — fundraising, July — tokens payment, September — beta release kepler.

ICAO TAAS Dates 27 March 2017–27 April 2017
A total of 101 million tokens, the price of one tass = 1 $. But the system of bonuses operates, the earlier you invest the more you get the bonus, the size of the bonus that is supposed to be displayed in the personal account.

In the first 24 hours of fundraising, more than $ 1,000,000 was raised

How to invest the fund? First, go to the company’s website https://taas.fund/ and click on the invest button, fill out the profile and come up with a password, read and accept the agreement, then a letter will come to the mail where you will have to confirm the link, all of you are registered, then go Under your login and password, enter the phone number to which the sms with confirmation will come, by entering it, you will enable 2fa protection, that is, no one will be able to hack the ico account. All the work is done, now it is only necessary to transfer the amount you need to the address in the section Dashboard, whether bitcoin or etherium and Whether another currency, and you become part of our system. Also do not forget to look at the bonus that you are entitled to, then there is already a good profit from the investment.

The fund is written by such well-known publishing houses as FORBES, EconoTimes, ET, Seeking Alpha, The Cointelegraph, Bankless Times, Finance Magnates, financefeeds, the blochainevent and others. Also, the fund consists of ICO COUNTDOWN, ICO Rating, icotracker.net, tokeninvestor , ICO BAZAAR.

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