30 Days to a Scholar-Warrior, Day 24 — Meal Prep for the Week

Meal preparation is not just for bodybuilders.

People from grand civlizations to the average nomad have been preparing for tomorrow….for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years.


You save energy…for the more important stuff

Time = Energy

This concept can go with any activity that you do on a dialy basis but as soemone striving to become better physically, intellenctually, and spiritually, you’re food takes a lot more tought than the average person.

We talked in this series about training economy. This is where you only have a certain amount of resources to push yourself physically. In this segment, we’re talking about the ultimate resource: TIME.

And time does not wait for anyone.

For that reason, why wgive food preparation so much time in your daily life? Whynot do it all one or two days thorughout the week? It woudl give you less of an excuse to work on crafting your skills and growing like a scholar-warrior!

And your meals don’t have to be terrible either. If you’ve been exploring new dishes from different cultures and history youll have acquired a small pallette of food dishes you enjoy, and that are scaled to YOUR balance on the simplicity-complexity spectrum.

But won’t it rot?

Easy, sparky.

You can freeze it.

Use plastic-ziploc bacts that are meant for deep-freezing food. Let the food cool and then put that bad boy in the freezer.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to cook the day away eighter in preparation. Find your balance. Pre-cook some chickine and store it. Meats can take some time to prepare so it pasys a huge improvment in your time, if you freeze it.

Prepare. Perform. Prevail.

Manage your time, by freeing more of it up to perform, be empathetic, and make an impact in the context that you live in.

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