Doing stupid shit to raise money for good causes

This is Canada, bro. Courtesy of Randy Hayashi

That’s what you do right?

I think that goes double the case for people who are int eh fitness industry or who have a rank in their personal values for fitness. Isn’t it a personal justification for training harder?

On that thought, I’ve been considering writing a series on my main blog, Chronicles of Fitness, on taking everyday folks from history and writing training programs for them. In one way, we are all athletes. We all have a certain function to our lives.

And we need to be fit for function, otherwise you’re shit falls apart harder than an eighteen wheeler over the side of a mountainous escarpment (much like the Toronto Maple Leafs in the last year of Brian Burke’s reign).

Getting a bit stronger than what your lifestyle dictates and also incorporating exercises/movements that help fight pattern overload (the repetitive patterns we go through in our lives) can improve fitness.

But that’s not cool. TBH.

I mean it doesn’t have to be crazy either. Its hard to justify doing something as crazy as hiking the great Canadian trail without, you know doing it for a bigger cause. I remember reading an article that was published here in Canada in a town called Peterborough about a lady who hiked the Bruce Trail. Its a pretty long trail (nowhere near as long as the “GREAT” Canadian trail but still pretty long).

The thing that really hit me was the critique that commentators had about her trip.

“Why didn’t she use the experience to serve a greater cause?”

Actually going out and providing a service to people who are in need with your OWN HANDS is powerful and is an incredible application of using this work capacity and strength that many of us build up in the pursuit of fitness. Its empowering to actually be a hero in someone’s life,a vehicle of good, and to be a tool that improves the environment around us.

But still doing something grand as hiking a huge trail or like this dude in England who strapped a fridge to his back and hiked a friggin long distance to raise money for charities…..there’s something that just feels stupidly-right about it.

This idea of hiking/biking, canoeing along the Great Canadian Trail is something that, personally, sounds pretty exciting.

And raising money for disadvantaged groups in the country….That’s fitness.

But so is helping build stuff around your community, or even before that….Our families. Yet imagine that snowballing into something as monumental as this:

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