Food as a gateway to Worldview

I think food is a very powerful thing. No kidding right? We need food to perform. I mean we can push food deprivation pretty far but after a certain extent it comes at the cost of quality of performance.

Fasting is very useful, especially for cognitive focus, and with the Month of Ramadan coming, a lot of people are going to be fasting in the world.

But in general, food is something that we all agree is important for function.

We need to produce ATP, the energy currency of our bodies for performance, and the various carbohydrates, fats, proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals provide an ample source of fueling and regulating those functions.

Food can teach us about gratitude even.

Ultimately, food is part of this basal function of ours, that we can tweak (to a certain extent) to optimize performance. You can eat food that isn’t very digestible and still feel like you sufficed your hunger but you won’t feel fit to perform necessarily.

You can eat food that is optimized for performance and feel like you just poured Mr. Clean through your entire digestive system.

It feels good.

Please don’t try pouring REAL Mr. Clean down your throat.

We can chose to fuel for performance and FEEL empowered physically. But how about taking this a step further. What if we were able to understand or get a taste in understanding another worldview by the food we ate?

Not literally.

What if by eating certain foods we could open our minds to trying to learn a different perspective.

Good old Grand Admiral Thrawn would say you need to understand a person’s culture (he specifically studied art) to get a foothold on what motivates them.

So Thrawn is a fictional character. What’s your point?

Now this isn’t a recipe to try and go full out glutton and eat foods that aren’t going to fuel performance.

What if you could make foods that explore different cuisines but still fuel your performance.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. I mean do you eat the fancy foods of your culture on a daily basis, and STILL feel good? Most likely not.

There are a variety of online recipes that show high quality, nutritious variations of foods from varying cultures and traditions. Maybe try something new and learn more about a different peoples through that experience, while still eating to perform.