ONLY Starbucks for a Week: DAY 2 Dinner

Date 19th Oct, 6/21 Meal

Drip Coffee (Refill): JPY100/15kcal

American Scone Mixed Berry & Chocolate: JPY270/393kcal

Got another coffee for just JPY100 ($1)!! Good time to think things over at Starbucks after work :)

DAY 1 Breakfast>>

DAY 1 Lunch>>

DAY 1 Dinner>>

DAY 2 Breakfast>>

DAY 2 Lunch>>

DAY 3 Breakfast>>

DAY 3 Lunch>>

DAY 3 Dinner>>

DAY 4 Breakfast>>

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DAY 4 Dinner>>

DAY 5 Breakfast>>

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DAY 6 Dinner>>

DAY 7 Breakfast>>

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DAY 7 Dinner>>

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