Here’s how we are all criminals

A tree provides us with a dozen resources and the most important of it: life. Yet what do we do to it: cut it, burn it and what not, just for a bit of land for ourselves! It’s so unkind, yet the government isn’t serious about it.

Forests are home to a variety of endangered species of animals and. But for the sake of land, we trap them in zoos, snatch their independence, and yet we call ourselves human!

If that wasn’t enough I’d say deforestation is indirect terrorism, not only to the nature but even to us humans. If someone goes to cut a tree, a landslide or a flood might just occur killing hundreds of innocent people. The government might be unaware of this and so it’s our duty to take essential step.

“Cut a tree today and due to some reason or the other it will eventually bring you pain”

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