Why is the war in Syria so hard to end?
Benedetta Berti

Ah. Here is it the same starry eyed naive belief in warm fuzzes. Syria could have been decided long ago, but Certain Western powers drunk with the democracy ideology prevented that. These powers isolated the Assad government. Yes, the outside powers clearly did not understand the deep fragmentation of Syrian political society. Clan and tribe had formed with the weakest taking the lead. The Syrians had found a way to keep the lid on. Intoxicated that the “Arabs Spring would bring a spate of democratic republics through out the middle East. The West went on to Libya. Helped depose Gaddafi and ended up with anarchy. Not what was expected. As collateral damage the invasion of Europe. Other problematic conflicts have reached a guarded peace in the Middle East when the sides have become exhausted. Lebanon comes to mind. Political resolution is possible although unlikely. Too many proxies are in play. Too much money to buy what is needed. The refugees could have become a force by themselves. If a leader arises, they still might. ISIS/ISIL could have become a stabilizing force had the powers left them alone. Vicious,ruthless,charismatic they would have been a drawing card for the dissifected. What they would have brought was order and bloody peace. The Middle East would be changed if not much of North Africa. A military solution would have to have a clear undisputed winner. As it is now that is unlikely. The West needs to extract themselves and deal with the invasion of Europe. It is an invasion that is successful in landing young men who are not assimilable to secular countries and cultures. This is the breeding ground for the 6th column so famously bragged about in the 20th century. A solution would be to have them fight it out with the understanding that there will be no rescue.no safe haven,do or die. Finality works wonders for motivation. The people need to be armed and decide among them selves who or what to follow. Let the West disengage for these conflicts. The chips will fall where they may. But it would be decided. The possibility of an empire enforcing a Pax would be a better place than the chaos. The NGO’s could go home to possibly do some real good.

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