10 Years After My Sister Was Shot at Virginia Tech, There’s More We Can Do To Stop Gun Violence
The Obama White House

I always notice the political push to strip us of our rights. Yet in the conversation s is study gun violence but ignore violence itself. It is that these people have an agenda that does not include understanding violence since we use violence or the threat of violence constantly.

Humans are violent. many people use violence to bully others. To force them into acts that they would not do given a free choice. Many people have never taken a gun safety course. They have no idea of what is being discussed since they are ignorant.

One start is the requirement to have taken a gun safety course. Everyone take the course. It is a start to being knowledgeable. Politicians who are not representing the citizens. They represent big donors and those big banks who get tiny fines for illegal acts that devastated the nation and millions of citizens.

Yes tiny fines. A few million out of billions is like fining a poor person making basic wage 50 cents out of their $7.50–$15.00 per hour wage.

Afraid of death?

The CDC lists the leading causes of death. Heart disease: 614,348
 • Cancer: 591,699
 • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 147,101
 • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 136,053
 • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 133,103

I see a disconnect with reality. Guns do not make the top ten list. Facts are what the politicians do not use.

Afraid of violence? The media loves it. The media gains viewers and readers by leading with violence. Ad revenue is where the profit is. We have a lot of copy cat crime. Some criminals woulds never thought of it had it not been publicized so much.

The real cure, education,and training.

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