Calling It What It Is: the Unspoken Validation of Online Abuse
K. C. Alexander

“If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”Harry S Truman

That is true of social media. Trolls may feel strongly about an issue and lack the vocabulary and writing skills to express dissatisfaction. Or they just want to get a rise out of you. Much is emotional expression.

How many of us have a negative first reaction to an opinion? Then later after we process it see value in that opinion? Twitter is that first impression. Censor it nope. You assumed the risk by posting there.

You deal with it.

Censor social media no. The 1948 law was never intended to be applied to social media because it did not exist at that time. Truth is people have a poor grasp of our language. That is the issue.

An English major with a Phd could verbally eviscerate one and that person never comprehending what was happening.

This from A Knight’s Tale Chaucer: “I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity.”

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