The Bill Gates “Robot Tax” is as quaint as it is wrong
Kevin Zimmerman

The many problems come from different sources. Social(including status and class),personal economics.,hopes and dreams,national economics etc.

What if all made minimum wage? Costs would be say 35% of total,savings tax free. Gambling Wall street and Las Vegas taxed the high amount,Windfalls protected by limits on spending that helped prevent over spending. Which leads to financial education on an unprecedented scale. Retirement accounts would be individualized.

Close to Star Trek economics. It could end poverty,and the person’s place on the scale would be by education? In an robotic future the need for “cheap labor in the form of under educated humans would decline. With that changes in how people would choose to live.

What about androids? And youthful clones or regeneration? Useful life spans of 100 years or more? The sci fi future is upon us and the old won’t do any more.

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