Data Visualization Projects — 10 Splendid Examples

Data Visualization Projects – 10 Splendid Examples

The first thing that springs to mind when it comes to data visualization is, of course, infographics. This sort of visual representation that, as a rule, includes charts, graphs, illustrations and other graphical stuff handles various issues on a professional level. However boring and dull statistics can be, when it is translated into an infographic it takes a different form.

Much like any other means, it has the ability to react to current tendencies and skillfully adapt to the changes thereby maturing and perfecting. From primitive Isotype-like projects to sophisticated visualization artworks, it has come a long way.

The design trends also affect it. For example, while the skeuomorphism held rein: infographics were populated with fake 3d objects and elements with shadows or glossy surfaces. In the era of flat style, everything began to look plain, neat and subtle.

Right now is the period of web-based interactive infographics that employ the latest design trends, high-end techniques and even pioneering WebGL features. Some of them are just basic combinations of dynamic charts and animated icons, while others are more advanced projects that professionally deal with the real-time data and actively cooperate with the readers.

Today we are going to take a look at ten matchless data visualization projects.

1 Jour en France is an outstanding project that is charged with the top-notch techniques. It features a location-based data visualization that is broken into three main parts. The first one is an enthralling quiz; the second one is a reply video experience, and the third one is an interactive circular dashboard with some essential functionality. The statistics are displayed via a card-centric layout filled with simple yet eye-pleasing graphics.

When Google is involved, we should expect something incredible and innovative. The Museum of the World is vivid proof of that. The website invites the online audience to join the adventure through history in a fascinating way. It is an inventively reproduced timeline. It resembles a speedway that is enriched with interesting facts presented as colorful bubbles. There are several tracks that identify various continents. You can use key arrows or just scroll up and down to move around.

The team behind WizzCash has taken into account the latest research and numbers to illustrate the so-called generation debt. They have come up with a small but absorbing trip that leads through the four generations (Swing Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X and MILLENNIALS). It demonstrates today’s economic realities and lets you compare and contrast the situations. Here all the facts are at your fingertips: just follow the characters to find out more.

It has started as a new way to celebrate the anniversary and gradually transformed into a real trend. Nowadays a great deal of huge companies prefer to acknowledge their achievements publicly through infographics.

In the case of INRA 70, the team has gone far beyond the standard and blessed the readers with a first-rate project powered by the latest interactive solutions. As a result, you can indulge in a mind-blowing visual experience.

As you may have guessed from the name, the project is dedicated to historical events.

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