Anything Is Possible If You Pay The Price
Benjamin P. Hardy

Moving one step in 20 directions

Before I go further I’d like you to know that this is one of those rare articles that completely resonates with me, and feels genuine and heartfelt.

It seems for a lot of us, success looks good from afar, the act of becoming that is. Hardwork looks exciting and tantalizing, inspiring even, until you’re the one who has to do it. It’s easy to idealize putting in the same amount of work that, for instance, Serena Williams does, but in practicality most of us simply fail at it. We fail at it because we expect it to be easy and smooth when in fact it’s a rough ride. I’m always fascinated by what separates people who achieve what they set out to achieve and those who make brilliant plans that amount to nothing. Almost everyone can make a plan, execution of the plan, apparently, is a whole new ball game.

Speaking from the point of view of someone about to graduate from university, choosing what you want to be and who you want to be, can be a seriously tough decision. It’s so easy to want to be and do everything you’re good at, or that interests you, or worse off for someone like me, pursue your numerous passions simultaneously. The good thing is there are a multitude of options, the problem is there are a multitude of options. It’s quite simply paralyzing. The temptation to overcommit is rarely ever conquered and suddenly we always have too many priorities we try to place on par. The debilitating habit of attempting to do it all.

I loved the distractions and entertainment part. For one so young as I, we often actively seek diatractions. There’s always one more video to watch on Youtube, more news feeds on Facebook, an interesting thread on Twitter, gorgeous people on Instagram to see (the list is endless) before getting down to business. So easy to say to yourself, ‘just one more.’ Granted a lot of videos on YouTube and Facebook are enlightening, depending on the channel or page, but that can be distracting in its own way too.

Time feels as if it’s infinite, and whilst it might be, our lifespans are not, quite sadly. We often forget the inevitability of death.

Thank you for your insightful article.

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