How to free yourself from Writer’s Block

It’s something every writer will experience in their lives. Maybe it’s even that thing that makes us a writer, or at least adds to the experience: Writer’s block. Yeah, I’m honestly not going to lie, it really sucks. You’re staring at the last sentence you wrote or at a completely empty document, and your minds is blank. Gladly, suffering from that phenomena made most of us quite creative, and that is why I will now share with you my most effective tricks to get rid of even the most dogged writer’s block!

Tip #1

‘Oh my god, oh god, it’s happening.’

Okay, first of all, shh. Don’t panic, even if you have deadlines. You need to relax and let your mind calm down, else it will only get worse. Get rid of thoughts just as ‘I won’t make it with that slow process’ or any other doubt and panic. Stay focused, don’t give up and head over to the next tip.

Tip #2

Delete the last few sentences and start over in the middle of the scene. My sister actually told me that secret and for very mild blocks, this is perfect. Sometimes it’s not as bad as you think it is and you just need to get some new momentum.

Tip #3

Sit back and listen to some music. I find the odd pleasure in creating playlists for my stories, meaning songs that could go as the novel’s soundtrack. Those are ususally quite inspirational because now that I associate them with the book I’m writing they evoke a good emount of emotion. Sometimes even enough to get some new ideas flowing! (The thing with the playlists is so much fun, hehe :d )

Tip #4

Skip a scene. You might not be feeling it right now, so it’s much better to skip that one scene and at least be a little productive further on in your story than stopping completely. The ideas wil come, just take a healthy time-out from that exact point of your novel.

Tip #5

Read, read, and read more. Sometimes the writer’s block does turn out to be a heavier one. But that’s okay, still no need to panic! Reading is never the wrong thing to do, especially for a writer. So take a good book, sit back and crawl deep into the pages. I mean, what could be more inspiring than words written by amazing authors? Pretty much nothing.

Tip #6

Paint or draw. During my time as a writer I have found that those things are actually great for curing writer’s block. Draw a beautiful scene from your novel, or doodle memes. It doesn’t matter, as long as you keep your brain being artsy.

Tip #7

Bum around, but not too much. Maybe that block is just your brain telling you to take a break. So if you are feeling exhausted and tired, you should definitely rest. Otherwise you won’t be productive at all!

On the other hand though, you should not enjoy sitting around in your dark room and staring into your computer for too long. That will cause your brain to just — beep! — shut down and your creativity to get very slow and bumpy.

Tip #8

Get some fresh air. It’s important to keep it at a healthy intake of oxygen, so at least open a window. The even better way to solve that problem is excercise! I know I’m sounding like a health-guru, but keep in mind that productive writing does take a lot of brain work. So get your blood flowing and take some good breaths outdoors, that will definitely clear your mind.

Tip #9

Now, the tips I have mentioned to this point are all quite temporary and for a short-term writer’s block. But if you find yourself being stuck for a longer time than just a few days, my best tip to give you is to bring in structure. I have a big whiteboard on my wall so I can always construct grids and charts that help me clear up the story for myself. Otherwise, scribbling down some notes and thoughts can lead to ground-breaking ideas.

Tip #10

Write something else. If you switch genre, try out poetry or a new perspective: It will not only expand your writing experience, but also give you a break of the endless routine that might have kicked you into that writer’s block.

Those were all of my tips :) I hope you enjoyed and I could maybe help you out. Have a great day!

Z. G. Colins