Bernie Sander’s Rally at Washington Square Park

How can I describe the thrill that is New York City? Where do I begin?

Times are changing. Everyone in this city can feel it I am sure. The leaves are sprouting from once barren trees and the energy awakens in the street.

Everything that I loved about New York is coming alive again.

Today is New York’s primary and it was only last week that I attended Bernie Sander’s rally at Washington Square Park. Not only was it inspiring and passionate, but I really felt like I was apart of something.

His speech was mesmerizing and spoke words that I have heard before, but also one’s that I haven’t.

“A country should not be judged by how many millionaires they have or how many nuclear weapons they have. But how they treat the weak and vulnerable”.

There we all were, in the cold for two hours holding on to every word. Holding on to a fragile belief that we, as a group could change things. Recognizing what needed to be changed. For me, it was just an honest moment that I shared with 27,000 other people.

Even the smallest of things, if they are done in this city. They become amazing. From heading to the MET to study 300-year-old Renaissance paintings, then grabbing a cream cheese bagel on Lexington Avenue to soaking in the sun on the High Line along the Hudson river watching large boats pass by is exciting.

Now I find myself here in the New York Public Library, after dodging and fighting through the crowds of 5:00 p.m commuters, passing Times Square and then landing on Fifth Avenue. All of it is just so thrilling.

Maybe I’m crazy.

Maybe I’m crazy about New York. Who knows?

Everything I do here in this wonderful city reminds me of the sensation of falling in love. My breath is taken away when I get out of the subway station. My heart beats when I cross an infamous landmark. I get butterflies just knowing this city is my home.

Truly. I am in love.

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