Great film making experience. And some tips for film making beginners like me.

A new place, but still keep doing my old favourite.

Just finished the two-days first step two scenes’ filming.

Came to London after finishing my uni life in Leicester, compared with London, Leicester is much smaller but you will never feel lost as you in London.

Since September, I have experienced too many things that I can’t even count. Everything is new and one day I was looking out through the window, I could see the whole Wembley, but there was not even a one place that I would like to go.

Then one day I received a message on Facebook, it was from my mate Usman, we were in the same course and used to do many stupid things and also filming things together.

And also this time, it was a really small budget film making, but everyone was so talented and brilliant, and the most important is, it is always good to have someone who has similar interests with you and you guys stops talking bullshit and start to do something.

Webley at 5: 35am

During the work, filming normally start around 8 in the morning, since the filming place is quite far from the place I live, so I had to wake up early to catch the first tube. That morning, when I looked out of the window, it was dark, but then I realized that it was the first step for me to get my ass up and do something.

Empty Tube

I love the big empty place, it can make me feel I am the only one in this world and enjoy the precious peaceful moment in my heart.

Day 2

As a small budget film, we are limited by the location, transporting, time and equipments. But I learnt how to use the small things to create something beautiful and glorious. Everyone was so passionate and creative. We worked more than 12 hours a day, we didn’t care what we eat, what we drink, where to sit and relax, all we cared is how to place the scenes, how to set up the lights and find out a better angle to shoot in order to interpret the role in the best way.

Overall, although we met a crazy lot of problems, thanks to the well prepared and all my amazing colleagues, everything was quite satisfied at the end. Anyway, looking forward for the next step shooting, and I also have some something that I have learnt from those two days, and also the first-phase preparation.

Make your production choices based on necessities. If you’re low budget, choose something that happens around you every day as your subject.

1. Ask for help.

Ask around and see if any friends or family have some of the equipment below and see if you can borrow or rent it, otherwise you will be reaching deeper into your pocket for equipment costs. Also, it might be worth it to ask them to help out in your script writing and everything.

2. Well prepared

Before your shoot make sure you have all your equipment with you. It is best to plan these things before production.

3. Know your camera.

This is an obvious one, no one would like to make a short film when their camera operator doesn’t know how to operate his camera…

For beginners, the camera setup of making a short film is really easy. Make sure it is not out focus, set up the white balance before shooting, make some footages with different aperture in order to find the best aperture the depth of field which most suitable for your film’s theme.

4. Learn from others.

Always go to YouTube, Viemo or other video websites to find some related videos and film scenes to help you to understand the camera movement and how to use the camera as a tool to tell the story.

5. Crew

For crew, you are going to need as many people as possible, but at least the following: Director; Cameraman; sound recorder; stylist or just someone to know how to use costume and makeup; someone who knows basic principle of lighting. Then you can start to rock!

6. The most important one!

The most important rule of making a film is … have a good time. Make sure the people you are working with are people you get along with and you guys can make that experience super fun!