ZAGG Protocol Goes Places This July

ZAGG Protocol is on the road this July, meeting leaders in the blockchain space, as we participate in a series of events and conferences across South Korea and the UK, and host our very first Meetup!

ZAGG Protocol has already proved its mettle by stealing the show at BEF 2018 this June. It’s now time for us to make more waves in the blockchain industry. ZAGG Protocol was at TokenMatch in London and is going to a number of conferences and summits in Seoul, this July.

The highlight of ZAGG Protocol’s tour in Seoul this July will the Meetup that we are all set to host on the 20th of July, 2018. The ZAGG Protocol Meetup will be hosted by CEO, Ram Gollamudi, and is our very first, where we hope to associate and affiliate with blockchain enthusiasts, crypto traders, entrepreneurs and crypto community leaders.

ZAGG Protocol is hosting this event along with OpenChainK, our associates for community management in Korea. Mr. Hans Choi, CEO, OpenChainK will be hosting the event alongside Ram Gollamudi. The Meetup is a platform for sharing our ideas with potential investors, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to help them understand how we aim to integrate the blockchain technology to build infrastructure for the GBRL (Gift cards, Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty) industry. ZAGG Protocol aims to bring technological innovation to build the world’s first truly decentralized protocol across the entire Gift cards, Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty industry. We will help businesses operate, execute and trade GBRL programs — seamlessly and effectively.

CEO, Ram Gollamudi, pitching @ZAGGProtocol at TokenMatch in London

TokenMatch, that took place in London saw ZAGG Protocol interact with an elite group of ICO teams and a small group of investors that have the mandate to deploy capital, while Korea Blockchain Week in Seoul will be an arena where we engage with global leading blockchain enthusiasts and explore the avenues of the digital computing world.

While in Seoul, CEO, Ram Gollamudi will also be attending the Beyond Blocks Summit and the Blockchain Partners Summit, where we will meeting and interacting with visionary speakers and panelists, discussing innovation in the blockchain framework, and the new paradigm it offers the enterprises of all kinds.

The month ahead looks exciting for ZAGG Protocol!

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