ZAGG Protocol Joins Hands With South Korea’s EduHash, Enters Education Sector

ZAGG Protocol makes its foray into the South Korean education sector with a new partnership it recently signed with EduHash, an education content exchange protocol.

Raj N Phani, Founder and Paul Reddy, Gobal CTO — ZAGG Protocol with KT Kang, MD — EduHash and team

The strategic partnership between the two blockchain based companies will enable a seamless secure creation, redemption and exchange of value across verticals and provide affordable and effective solutions to manage their respective programs.

EduHash’s solution solves the inefficiencies in the Korean education sector. Some of the pain-points it is solving are:

  • Lack of student ratings for content & teachers
  • Lack of tailored content for individual students
  • No teacher incentive for continual improvement
  • Lack of student motivation
Raj N Phani, founder, ZAGG Protocol, talking about the partnership, said, “Education sector has always interested ZAGG Protocol. To enter a new country and a new sector along with a strong organisation like EduHash is definitely exiting. The possibilities ZAGG Protocol will bring to the table is endless.”
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. KT Kang, Managing Director, EduHash, said, “This strategic partnership will help EduHash operate, execute and trade decentralized protocol, GBRL (Gift cards, Benefits, Rewards & Loyalty) assets and offer better services to our customers. We will be able to further improve our focus and provide a platform to EduHash to strengthen our functions in the long term.”

ZAGG Protocol, with this partnership, will leverage its GBRL assets and integrate its services with EduHash and their 700,000 students, who are onboarded as of now.

The partnership came as a result of networking after ZAGG Protocol’s founder Raj N Phani’s presentation at one of the biggest blockchain events in Aisa, Blockchain Economic Forum, San Francisco, 2018.

Know more about the partnership here.

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