Meet our inspiring CEO: Zhazira Lepess

Nov 13, 2018 · 3 min read
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Zhazira Lepess, CEO of ZAZA

You may have read about her in other articles but now you’re going to get to know her from a totally different angle. The burden but also at the same time the pleasure of being a CEO, of handling a team, of working with passion and dedication.

What drives Zhazira’s life, what does she like and how has she dealt with her entrepreneurial life?

➡️ General info...

Zhazira was born in Aktobe, Kazakhstan and was brought up in a farm outside the city by her grandparents, who gave her all the love that their warm heart could bare.

Did you ever milk cows, make butter, laban, knit, and hand-sew a carpet in your childhood? Well.. little noisy Zhazira certainly liked to do all of this, apart from making a mess out of the kitchen (her favorite hobby) of her grandma’s bakery, but we have to ask her grandmother she knows best...

This is actually how Zhazira discovered her passion for baking instead of playing with other kids. Her first official business was at 15 years old -a small lovely bakery that brought smiles in peoples lives. This marked up the beginning of a successful entrepreneurial career. Later on, she became a matured serial entrepreneur, who would later seek excellence out of herself. If there’s someone that Zhazira is tough with, that’s herself. She has always been brave in taking initiatives by herself, alone in a pack of wolves and she has always made it by working hard and dedicating herself fully in what she believed in. She doesn’t like to speak in words, she likes instead to communicate with the language of ‘’results’’. Being strong for Zhazira in her entrepreneurial life was not a choice, it was a MUST. She always learned in a hard way and invested in developing herself because she believes that the best investment you can do in life is knowledge and education.

Zhazira has a financial background education and she has successfully completed the ‘’Blockchain Strategy programme’’ of Oxford University.

➡️ How did Zhazira get into this industry?

Zhazira and her brother Arsen had a diversified business journey. They were early enthusiasts of the technology behind Bitcoin. Due to the experience of facing many obstacles with their own businesses, they came to understand that something powerful like ZAZA could help companies solve their main problems and improve their business activity.. This is where ZAZA was born as an idea, brought to life and how Blockchain became the essential technology to solve transparency issues in the industry.

➡️ She believes in Blockchain because…

…it will definitely impact nearly if not every part of our society from identity to financial services, from entertainment to e-commerce. There are unleashed potential in this new-born technology and she wants to be there to see it grow, develop and mature. This is the point where Blockchain will show its true power and change lives more than ever.

➡️ What does she like to do with her free time?

She loves to travel the world (her favorite remains Bali, Indonesia), she loves listening to music, dancing and she’s an astrology lover, she reads a lot about spiritual science.

Being always busy and over-scheduled, sometimes Zhazira likes to be left alone in quiet places, where she can organize her thoughts and relax her mind.

Since she grew up in a farm with her grandmother, she grew very close to animals, learned to love and appreciate nature and even today she’s a close friend to horses, her favorite animal.

➡️ For the people out there Zhazira wants to say…

‘’ Find your inner peace, find what motivates you, find what inspires you to give your best and always surround yourself with the right people, right motivation, right mindset and all the elements of Success that you are looking for. Only then you will truly understand what you were born to do!’’

And after you have found your inner peace, don’t forget to stay tuned with ZAZA!

Sincerely yours,

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