What is ZENE?

ZENE is the philosophy that we live by.

We all love stories, especially the ones that culminate in majority being happy with the outcome. We too have a story and we are working hard to ensure that it ends on a happy note. While ZENE originated from our parent company ‘6zene’, we love its reference back to African name ‘ZENE’, which means ‘beautiful’. Why 6zene, you may ask?

The idea for our company originated from building something for the automotive industry. Given our background, interest and know-how, conceptualizing an automotive product was a logical step forward for the team. The name ‘Benzene’ had always intrigued us, so much so that we looked closer at the molecular level and made a deeper bond with it. Quite literally. We would have loved to get Benzene as our company’s name, though in retrospect, we are happy that we did not. The hydrocarbon with its 6+6 atoms composition led the way for 6zene, and to 6zene Technologies.

Back to why we are around. We have designed ZENE to be a highly scalable, a technologically advanced Connected Cars platform that will help consumers connect better with their cars, get deeper insight into their car’s embedded heart, connect with their ever changing connected world and, most importantly, be in control.

ZENE is a highly sophisticated plug-and-play device that stays in your car, enables you to remotely manage your car and alerts you in cases such as glass-break, low tire pressure, low CNG level, rash driving, occupancy in your car and many others. With ZENE, we are striving towards enabling a true connected world through your Connected Car. Your way. And it is just the start.

Connected World. Powered by ZENE.

Connect with ZENE at www.getzene.com