Blog Roll for Traders

Influential blogs from around the web specialized for Traders

In no particular order I have aggregated some of the great finance blogs around the web so you don’t have to open 100 tabs each morning.

Above the Market

by Bob Seawright

Abnormal Returns

by Tadas Viskanta

A Wealth of Common Sense

by Ben Carlson

Calculated Risk

by Bill Mcbride

The Big Picture

by Barry Ritholtz

The Psy-Fi Blog

by Timarr AT

Visual Capitalist

by Various

Trader Feed

by Brett Steenbarger

Money Stuff

by Matt Levine

Points and Figures

by Jeffrey Carter

Kid Dynamite

by Various

I’ll continue to add as I remember more but be sure to check these out if you are ever looking for some great reads.

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