PROJECT 3: DBS Mobile App

The objective of Project 3 is to simplify DBS customers’ way of banking & everything related to it & that includes credit card rewards redemption through the use of their accumulated credit cards’ points.

The 1st step I take as of every UX researcher would do is to get into the world of consumer banking. In order to get into the heart of every user’s problem & needs, I need firstly to speak to some Users who owns one or more credit cards.

This are my findings:
Megan, 40s
My user interviews of credit card owners over their 20s, 30s & 40s.

After understanding the pains & needs of the current users, I proceed to do some market research of DBS & its competitors of their offerings & the information architecture of each of their apps.

Here’s my evaluation of some local & foreign banks:

Heuristic evaluation of DBS, UOB, Standard Chartered & OCBC bank.

Following on that I start to brainstorm with the team mates I am assigned to. We carry out the combined infinity mapping to identify the pains & needs of the current users which we have interviewed in our own time.

Individual user’s current pains & needs
Infinity mapping of current users

From there, we created 3 Personas of different age group based on our users findings. Let me introduce you to them right away…

Our 3 Personas of different age group
Alex, 20s
Selina, 30s
Lawrence, 40s

We then proceed to discuss further on what should the new DBS bank app should have.

I initiated that maybe we should simply, to cut the clutter as a key finding from users is that its too troublesome to keep an app for every need.

Thus after the discussion among all, the idea of merging banking & rewards into one is born.

Initial discussion of the building of the new DBS mobile app
The new DBS information architecture

I came up with ideas of having the convenience of making reservations for the F&B category as it is a very active & a big draw to most users towards F&B such as restaurants, cafes & bars.

I also gave the ideas of having an eVouchers that users can easily store & keep track of the expiry dates without losing any deals as in a busy society of today, consumers want to be served & taken care of.

Though I have contributed all these, I reckon its just impossible to do more even I want to as inconsideration took placed & a series of human road blocks.


I will recreate the entire new DBS information architecture, alter the current users flow & conduct usability testings with the new prototype. Watch this space. Coming soon.

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