The ReDesigned NMS website & mobile app (Responsive)

The brief that my team & I received was to redesign the current website of National Museum of Singapore & to make it responsive in the mobile environment. We were all excited about the project as its an interesting brief & have many legs for expansion beyond its website & mobile app.

First & foremost without any further delay, we headed down to NMS museum to experience the place find out what a visitor would do when he or she arrives at the museum. E.g. The information counter, the process of getting a ticket & pass, the blueprint of each exhibition, the F&Bs, the signages & such.

We also initiated conversations with the staff & did a contextual interview with the NMS security guard named Mr Chew.
NMS security guard, Mr Chew

“The museum took away the audio guides of the exhibitions which many visitors have asked & it doesn’t help as we may have tourists who don’t speak much English.”, Mr Chew said.

“Not many visitors know about the current NMS app as its not actively introduced & promoted within the premises.”, Mr Chew said.

Museums lover, Miss Aili

Next, we did user interviews with various people who go to museums for different reasons. Miss Aili, as above, mentioned that the museum should adapt new technology to engage its visitors to prolong their visitation to the museum & make the whole museum experience more of international standard.

I also managed to reach out to a NMS volunteer named Melissa & did a 1 & 1/2 hr interview with her. To my surprise, she mentioned that she has been volunteering with the museum since 2013 but only recently she gets to know about the NMS mobile app. In the interview, I have asked many questions in various touch points from selection of volunteers to guiding the visitors n every current & upcoming exhibits.

Here are the rest of the user interviews we did in summarized format.

User Interviews with age groups 20s — 40s. Singles & married.
As we progressed, we carried out our competitive analysis & heuristic evaluation.
Competitive analysis with NMS & various museums around the world.
Jakob Nielson Heuristic Evaluation of NMS
At the same time, we did a content audit & data analytics of the current NMS website which can be found in the link below:
With the current data, it will be very useful as materials to be shown to NMS that we need to rethink & rebuild. As we moved on, we worked out the business model canvas of NMS. Here’s what we gathered in the process:
Concurrently, we also carried out the next phrase with the affinity mapping from the user interviews we gathered from various channels.

We sort out their answers by using a single color to represent each user.

We then group out similiarities & sharpen our affinity mapping to find out the problem statement, identifying our new personas.

From here, we came up with 2 key personas for this project:

First Persona: Patricia White

We felt that she represents the needs of an active museum goer who loves to know whats going on for the most updated exhibitions & events. She is portrayed as an ideal visitor that NMS museum needs & wants to attract.

Second Persona: Lydia Tan

For our homegrown visitors, NMS values the local families & the very honest needs of parents who knows educating their children with the knowledge of our nation building & be exposed to arts & culture are crucial to their children’s growing up years.

Patricia White’s Customer Journey Mapping
Lydia Tan’s Customer Journey Mapping
From here, I did card sorting with few of my friends to come up with the new Information Architect that will resonates with the users.

We sat down together as a team to share our individual card sorting findings & sketch out our new proposed NMS site map.

With the new site map, we started to sketch out the wireframes & started to execute the NMS responsive website & app in Axure. Here’s the link:

After our first prototype is done, we get new users to try it out & we did our iterations from there.

NMS Landing Page

Our users feel that they need & wanted to know upfront what’s happening in the day with live feeds & think that its crucial to know the openings hours without having to search for it.

NMS Exhibition/Event Label for eTicketing

They also wants to know how much each paid exhibition cost in a glance as price factor is one of their key considerations.

Programs filter

The users feel that some labels weren’t as clear as it should be & after some discussions, we decided to simply the steps & add on the “child friendly” radio button to help parents or adults bringing the kids to filter easily what are the appropriate exhibitions to attend.

After some iteration process, we finalized on the NMS responsive website & mobile app. (View at the top of article post)

Thoughts & overview

I think it has been a learnable process in working together to come up with a new product & features to make something better. Its a continuous learning & discovery journey that we all takes to refine & iterate & test till we find our satisfactory place that we all know we did good & well.
Quick sketch of possible key entry points as a starting thought

Moving on from here, I strongly that service design is one key aspects to consider & its something I will be working on next plus the revision of the current responsive site & app to make it even more appealing. So sit back & look out for it soon.