Day 2

A few reading bad habits that give me pleasure:

1. Skipping the book to the end and reading the ending and then working the way backward.

2. Watching a movie instead of reading its book.

3. Not finishing a book either by skipping ahead or just leaving it midway.

I am an immense book lover who has finished over hundreds of books. I read articles, journals and what not with a strong ethic of finishing whatever I start and no skipping. I consider it cheating of the highest order to do either of those. Yet, I have been doing that and even the most blasphemous of them all watching movies over reading books.

And guess what, I enjoy it. Though it is a small liberty to give yourself, it is so refreshing to feel free in doing so. In other aspects of my life I have been giving myself space and yielding off control — that has led to manic levels in the past. And this is a start of sorts and a nice one at that.