How I Have Been

  1. Some dreams are better unrealized. Or so I thought because I feared my own potential. What the past months have taught me is that every decision that you take, it’s based on your own judgment of self’s ability and what the Universe sees fit for you.
  2. The behavior that I find despicable, I fear could be a reflection of me. And that scares me. There are more aspects to myself and my day than the clock I have set myself to.
  3. Every situation has a takeaway and this has been my key learning. I started thinking myself capable of mighty and strong and came to the realization that my goals are what set me apart. I didn’t know of the confidence I had, the abilities I have possessed and I should stop holding myself back.
  4. Confidence is not just in the bold-mouthed it is in the restraint and silence. Capability is not a show of action; it is an understanding of others and developing yourself at each moment. Evolution is not a conscious step to take, it’s a process taking place at all times.
  5. The new faces look human to me now. They were fierce, unknowns with whom I had nothing in common and they understood nothing about me. Now we have mutual respect and a sense of road coming to an end.
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