Why my Facebook profile has been disabled since 2010?

Let me start from the start…

My Facebook profile has been disabled since 2010; save for four instances it has stayed so. Needless to say I get many surprised queries, all questioning my sanity and immediately labeling me as “antisocial”, “awkward” and downright weird.

I will not lie. It hasn't been all smooth sailing. Many times I have had the urge to go back and dabble in the great mysteries of it but I have just held myself back. Initially, I imposed the self-exile on the grounds that Facebook was engendering a trait of materialism, of giant proportions at an exponential rate, and I just did not see myself as the ultimate consumer for such a product.

In no way, am I belittling the platform or the users, which has given way to a deluge of innovations and creative ways of staying in touch and making events out of daily, mundane tasks. However, it seems to me that I am the only one who has chosen to live her life away from it and because of which I am out of the loop in countless areas.

Which doesn't bother me so much, as I have Twitter for saving me from living under the rock. Twitter is the only social media I have embraced as my portal of information; and an embarrassingly long list of blogs that I follow religiously and have to get a fix of starting every morning bleary eyed.

Call me old-fashioned, but texting and calling and emailing are my select forms of communicating with those dear and near. I am not averse to technology or social media; I just cannot publicize myself by sharing my moods and meals and temperamental urges. I would rather pick up the phone and hear someone’s voice rather than leave a message for all to see.

I fear the time when all that will be left will be a show of our emotions and faint memories. When our pictures will become old photographs buried in unmarked albums.

I urge anyone who has hung around till the end to rethink: do not let your timeline, hashtags, captions, newsfeed determine your relationships in life.

Technology has brought us closer but it has ripped us apart in doing so.

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