The challenge of any business professional today is to increase productivity. However, the lack of time is one of the factors that hinders the most when it’s time to take care of so many daily activities.

But how is it that some people, even while working the same hours, appear to have up their sleeve a few extra minutes and are able to take care of everything? (Also read: The Secret of Productive Professionals) The secret is in knowing how organize their schedule in such a way that prioritizes the activities without increasing the work hours. Want to know how?

We separate here 10 tips that will help you organize your schedule and leave behind the concerns about thelack of time. Lets go:

1. What are the main areas of your life? List them!
That’s right . Start by listing all the areas of your life that require your time and control. These can be work, family, church, social life,physical activity, studies, and so on. List absolutely everything that is part of your life, including those things that you would love to do, but due to time management problems, you are not able put into practice.

2. Prioritize
You will always have time for the aras in your life that you prioritize. Therefore, with the list in hand, it’s time to organize them according to priorities. Place them into order of importance so you are able to establish how much time should be devoted to each task, and have a better task control.

3. List all activities
Now it’s time to list the activities that each area demands. The advantage of this moment is realizing that you may be doing more activities than you should, or even doing them more than once. So you will end up gaining some time just by listing what really should be done. You will even find that some of the tasks can be delegatedto other people, leaving more time in your schedule.

4. Feed your schedule
The best thing to do is to put everything on an online organizer, as it is easier to manage the tasks by placing all that must be performed in the coming days. Do not forget to list everything!

5. Distribute better
With everything organized, it becomes easier to check which days of the week is overloaded with activities. Distribute tasks more evenly by better balancing the activities.

6. Check again
Organizing your schedule demands constant attention and observation. So check again to see if there repetitive tasks that can be eliminated or done by others.

7. Get to work
Now it’s time to prepare for performing the activities. What will you need to do tomorrow? Prepare everything in advance to ensure you will not waste time with unimportant details. The ideal is to do this every day gaining an incredible amount of time every morning.

8. Discuss and exchange information
Delegated tasks? Then don’t forget to tell the people involved that everything is fine so they can then perform the activities. Verify that they have all the necessary tools and confirm all appointments. A task-sharing softwarecan help you at this point.

9. Prepare for the unexpected
Even if we are the best organized, things happen. So remember not to overload your schedule, and have some leeway between tasks, and do not forget that, like every human being, you need that coffee break. Thus you ensure that no matter what happens, you’ll always be able to finish what is really important.

10. Use technology to your advantage
Using tools that facilitate task control is the best way to circumvent lack of time. ZPM is the bestoption currently available and allows all the steps mentioned above to be put into practice quickly and easily.

It is an online task manager that ensures creating and delegating tasks, and much more, in real time andaccording to your needs. ZPM is the ultimate task manager that will increase your productivity and end the time-management problem.

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